September 2017  
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The 31 Day Spiritual Workout was published as an extension of our message to others. Already, this dynamic book has touched thousands of lives across the United States.

The 31 Day Spiritual Workout features the outstanding work of Dr. Stan Toler and as a bonus, includes exciting personal testimonies from world-class athletes. The layout is simple:

  • Thirty-one days of Scripture readings from God's "Play Book"
  • Thirty-one days of Scripture "Highlights" to keep in your memory and in your heart
  • Thirty-one days of spiritual "Strength Training" with insights and applications
  • Thirty-one days of "Signals"/prayers to the Father

This book is an excellent resource. On a daily basis, you will be encouraged to sharpen your skills - your spiritual skills. Far more important than batting averages or ERAs is the condition of the heart - a relationship with the eternal God.

For the donation of $10, you can receive a copy of this dynamic gift and minister to many around the world. All proceeds go toward future HTFM missions trips and to the furthering of the Kingdom!

*Bulk discounts are available.